Safety and Health

Our certifications

We offer packaging services adhering to international safety standards.
HACCP certification
'Food Safety Critical Control' is a safety management system for the food manufacturing process. Through scientific and systematic methods, it identifies, assesses, and controls various hazards that may arise in the food manufacturing process. It focuses on active prevention, rather than relying solely on the detection of finished products to ensure food safety. Therefore, the HACCP system is very cost-effective in ensuring food safety, and can save a lot of costs in the long run.
As an international standard for the standardized food safety management system, ISO22000 covers a very wide range in the food chain, generally speaking, it is 'from farm to table'. Every detail of food production is part of the detection process. The ISO 22000 certificate is an international standard, including relevant institutions in the entire food chain, such as equipment, packaging materials, detergents, additives, and ingredient manufacturers.
Food factory license
According to the regulations of Hong Kong law, anyone who intends to cook and / or produce food in buildings in Hong Kong for sale to the public must apply for a food factory license to the licensing authority before opening.
Chinese herbal medicine wholesaler licence
According to Article 135 of the 'Regulations on Traditional Chinese Medicine', we handle applications for import and export of prepared Chinese medicine, transshipment, storage, and local distribution and transportation on behalf of customers.
GMP for supplements
The certification plan provides independent verification, proving that the production process and premise plan comply with the valid Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) food safety plan. Good hygiene standards are also key elements of the CODEX 'General Principles of Food Hygiene'. GMP certification is applicable to all operators in the food, raw material or pet food supply chain - from production and packaging to retail, logistics and storage.

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