CLS Packaging Hong Kong Supplement Packaging Company
CLS Packaging is a professional packaging company or contract packaging company dedicated to providing high-quality packaging solutions. We have extensive experience in the packaging industry and understand market trends and customer needs. As a leading Hong Kong packaging company or contract packaging company, we prioritize customer satisfaction, constantly innovate, and lead industry development. We utilize advanced tracking technologies to monitor the movement of goods at every stage, from production to delivery. This enables us to quickly identify and resolve any issues and ensure our customers receive their orders on time. We offer comprehensive packaging services, including contract packaging, OEM packaging, and product packaging. We emphasize quality and sustainability in both design and material selection. CLS Packaging, as a contract packaging company, is always committed to providing the best packaging solutions to assist brands in achieving success in the market. By partnering with us, you will receive professional packaging services, enhancing your product image and expanding market share. CLS Packaging, your reliable packaging partner.
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Packaging and Logistics
We utilize advanced tracking technology to monitor the movement of goods at every stage, from production to delivery. This allows us to quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise, ensuring our customers receive their orders in a timely manner.
OEM Contract Packaging
Food Packaging
Supplement Packaging
Licensed Food Factory
Food Safety Management Systems
Clean Room

CLS Packaging - Packaging Service

Get a complete view of our packaging service.

Understood Your Request

Understood Your Request

We first establish contact with the client to understand their requirements. Our team of experts takes the time to discuss the client's needs and preferences in order to provide them with the best possible service.

Packaging According to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Packaging According to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Once the requirements have been discussed, we provide the client with a detailed quotation and confirm the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that we will follow to ensure efficient packaging. Our team of experts carries out the packaging process according to the confirmed SOP to ensure the highest quality standards are met.

We arrange logistics for the delivery of intact packaged products

We arrange logistics for the delivery of intact packaged products

After the packaging is completed, we store the finished products in our warehouse until we receive shipping instructions from the customer. Our packaging service is designed to give customers peace of mind, knowing that their products are being handled by experts dedicated to providing the highest quality and customer satisfaction.

Logistic Service

Not just packaging, more than just packaging

CLS packaging can assist in handling logistics and distribution, ensuring that products are delivered to customers on time and safely. This includes aspects such as protecting the packaging, selecting appropriate transportation methods, and arranging delivery schedules.

Comprehensive Storage System

Comprehensive Storage System

We provide warehouses with temperature control and security systems to ensure optimal protection for our customers' goods. This ensures that the goods remain intact and undamaged during the storage period.

Storage of packaging materials and finished products

Storage of packaging materials and finished products

We not only receive and store our customers' raw materials, packaging materials, and finished products, but we also provide additional services such as goods inspection and storage duration management. Additionally, we offer customized storage solutions to meet different storage needs of our customers.

Logistics Arrangement

Logistics Arrangement

We ship the goods based on the customer's shipping instructions, and we can ship them in pallets, boxes, or individual units as required, ensuring accurate and error-free shipments.

New Logistics System

We are implementing a new logistics system to enhance the efficiency of our supply chain. This system will utilize advanced tracking technology to monitor the movement of goods at every stage, from production to delivery.


One-click ordering, quick and convenient

In your hands

Tracking and monitoring the movement of goods at every stage, from production to delivery

Secure and Confidential

Providing a list of security measures to ensure the safety of your goods

Customer Service

Maintaining good communication and collaboration, promptly responding to customer feedback and requests

The role of packaging in product marketing

Packaging plays a crucial role in the modern business environment, particularly in product marketing. It is not just about protecting the physical integrity of the product; it serves as a vital medium for brand communication. Well-designed packaging has the ability to capture consumers' interest and stimulate their desire to purchase. It forms the first impression of the product and sometimes even has more impact than the product itself in catching consumers' attention. In the highly competitive market landscape, businesses in Hong Kong are increasingly recognizing the importance of packaging design. Consumer perception and brand loyalty are often built upon visual impressions, and packaging is a key factor that influences such impressions. An attractive packaging can help a brand stand out among numerous competitors and gain market share.

The market position of packaging companies in Hong Kong

Hong Kong, as an international business hub, is home to numerous outstanding packaging companies that hold significant influence in the global market. These Hong Kong packaging companies possess not only extensive experience and expertise but also emphasize innovation and the application of technology. The market position of Hong Kong packaging companies is attributed to their excellent packaging design and manufacturing capabilities, as well as their ability to adapt flexibly to customer demands. The competitive advantage of Hong Kong packaging companies in the global market is evident in their international vision and outstanding service quality. These companies are familiar with international standards and are able to provide competitive packaging solutions based on customer requirements. Whether it is contract packaging, OEM packaging, or product packaging, Hong Kong packaging companies can meet diverse customer needs.

OEM Contract Packaging

With the ever-changing market and the growing demands of consumers, an increasing number of businesses are opting for the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) contract manufacturing model to reduce production costs, improve efficiency, and focus on core business activities. In the packaging industry, OEM contract packaging has become the preferred choice for many brands. Let's delve deeper into understanding the operation and advantages of this business model.

The position of OEM packaging in the supply chain

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) packaging, refers to a company providing customized packaging services for another company's products. This OEM packaging approach plays a vital role in the modern business environment, and its position in OEM packaging extends not only throughout the entire supply chain but also directly impacts the market performance of OEM packaged products.

Enhancing brand recognition: OEM packaging provides products with a unique appearance and branding, which helps to enhance the brand recognition of OEM packaged products. This distinctiveness in OEM packaging makes products more easily identifiable by consumers in the market, contributing to the establishment of a strong brand image.

Meeting customer demands: One of the key characteristics of OEM packaging is customization. OEM packaging manufacturers can create unique packaging designs based on the specific requirements and brand style of the customers. This enables them to fulfill the special OEM packaging needs of different clients.

Enhancing market competitiveness: Through OEM packaging, manufacturers can offer products that are more distinctive, giving them a competitive edge in the market. Consumers are often inclined to purchase products that have a unique appearance and reliable quality, and OEM packaging provides a means to achieve this goal.

The advantages of contract packaging

CLS Packaging, as a packaging company based in Hong Kong, has extensive experience and expertise in OEM packaging services. Their packaging services cover multiple industries, including health supplements, food, cosmetics, and more. They are customer-oriented, providing high-quality customized packaging solutions based on client requirements.

Cost efficiency: Allowing brands to focus on marketing and sales while entrusting the technical aspects of production to experienced contract manufacturers. This reduces fixed production costs and improves overall efficiency.

Professional design team: CLS Packaging has a dedicated team of design professionals who can create unique and eye-catching packaging based on the client's brand image and product characteristics. They prioritize innovation and strive to develop distinctive packaging styles.

Customized solutions: CLS Packaging prioritizes customer requirements and provides tailored packaging solutions for each client. Whether it's dealing with significant variations in product models or specific requests for packaging styles, they are capable of meeting customer expectations.

Licensed Food Factory

Licensed Food Factory facilities are typically subject to strict regulations and compliance requirements. Compared to unlicensed facilities, products from licensed food manufacturing facilities are more trusted, which helps establish a brand's good reputation.

Food Safety Management Systems

ISO 22000:2018 is a standard for food safety management systems that emphasizes preventive controls and management of the entire supply chain. Companies that possess ISO 22000:2018 certification demonstrate that they have implemented effective measures in food safety, which is crucial for gaining customer trust.

Clean Room

ISO 14644-1: Class 7 specifies the standards for air cleanliness in cleanrooms. In the context of food packaging and manufacturing, a cleanroom ensures a highly clean environment by removing contaminants such as airborne particles from the enclosed space. This ensures the quality and safety of the products.
The integrated application of OEM contract packaging, food packaging, health supplement packaging, licensed food factory facilities, ISO certification, and more, have made CLS Packaging a highly esteemed partner in the packaging industry.

The demand for contract packaging in Hong Kong

The demand for contract packaging in Hong Kong is increasing due to its status as an international business hub with a multitude of industries and companies. In this fast-paced business environment, contract packaging companies prioritize professionalism, efficiency, and quality assurance, making contract packaging a popular choice. Cross-industry application: Contract packaging services are widely applied in various industries in Hong Kong, including health supplements, food, cosmetics, electronics, and more. Each of these industries often has specific packaging requirements, and contract packaging companies can provide tailored solutions based on the industry's characteristics. Emphasis on brand image: With the increasing importance of brand image in the business environment, companies are placing more focus on the design and quality of their product packaging. Contract packaging companies can create packaging that aligns with the client's brand style and requirements, ensuring it reflects and enhances their brand image.

The contribution of contract packaging to Hong Kong

Contract packaging makes significant contributions to the business environment and related industries in Hong Kong. Here are the key contributions of contract packaging to the industry:

Enhancing industry image: The professional services provided by contract packaging contribute to enhancing the image of related industries. Contract packaging companies, through their provision of high-quality packaging, help strengthen brand images and elevate the overall reputation of the industry.

Promoting industry development: The presence of contract packaging companies fosters the development of the industry. By offering innovative packaging solutions and continuously improving their services, contract packaging companies drive technological advancements and contribute to the overall progress of the industry.

Expanding market influence: Contract packaging companies operate not only in the local market but also in the international market. By expanding their reach beyond Hong Kong, contract packaging companies enhance the market influence of the industry, allowing it to establish a presence in the global business competition.

More Information

Common questions about packaging companies in Hong Kong

CLS Packaging is a Hong Kong-based packaging company with many years of experience in the packaging service industry. They are well-known for their expertise and excellent customer service.
CLS Packaging - contract packaging services cover multiple industries, including health supplements, food, cosmetics, electronics, and more.
OEM product packaging offers high levels of customization, which helps in brand differentiation and meeting unique customer requirements.
CLS Packaging Hong Kong is equipped with advanced production equipment and technology to ensure efficient production and meet customer demands.
The process of contract packaging includes product packaging requirement assessment, design, production, and delivery, ensuring high-quality packaging.
Yes, OEM packaging typically supports small-batch production. Contract packaging companies often have flexible production capabilities and adaptability to meet the needs of different clients, including small-batch production.
Customers can contact CLS Packaging for a detailed contract packaging quotation through their website or by directly calling their customer service department.
Yes, the company offers fast production and delivery to ensure customers receive the required packaging in a timely manner.
CLS Packaging holds ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System, HACCP, GMP, and ISO 14644-1: Class 7 Cleanroom certification, ensuring reliable quality standards for their customers.


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