OEM Contract Packaging

CLS Packaging is a company dedicated to providing high-quality OEM and contract manufacturing services for health supplements. Our health supplement contract manufacturing services cover the following aspects:

Professional Team: We have a dedicated team of research and development professionals and production experts who can provide comprehensive health supplement OEM and contract manufacturing services tailored to our customers' needs.

Advanced Equipment: We possess state-of-the-art health supplement contract manufacturing equipment and process technologies to ensure the quality and production efficiency of our health supplement products.

Customized Solutions: We provide customized OEM health supplement contract manufacturing solutions that cater to our customers' diverse needs. From health supplement OEM formula development to packaging design and manufacturing, we offer comprehensive services to meet various levels of OEM health supplement requirements.

Quality Assurance: We have stringent control measures in place for every stage of health supplement OEM production to ensure that our health supplement OEM products meet the relevant quality standards.

How does it operate?

Wide Service Scope

Food or health food packaging should not only focus on hygiene but also pay attention to portion sizes and proper storage methods. However, even if these health food products are of high quality, poor packaging can lead to less-than-ideal sales. Many companies are responsible for various details such as manufacturing and promotion when launching food or health products, but they may not be able to handle everything effectively. However, seeking assistance from a specialized contract packaging company to handle the packaging of health food products can lighten the workload for the company and improve the overall sales plan for health food products.


Understood your request

We first establish contact with the client to understand their requirements. Our team of experts takes the time to discuss the client's needs and preferences in order to provide them with the best possible service.


Signing of quotation and confirmation of SOP

Once the requirements have been discussed, we provide the client with a detailed quotation and confirm the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that we will follow to ensure efficient packaging.


Transporting raw materials and packaging materials to CLS

Customers arrange for the delivery of raw materials and packaging materials to our facility.


Packaging according to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Our team of experts carries out the packaging process according to the confirmed SOP to ensure the highest quality standards are met.


We arrange logistics for the delivery of intact packaged products

After the packaging is completed, we store the finished products in our warehouse until we receive shipping instructions from the customer.

Would like to know about our services and equipment?

Customers can contact CLS Packaging for a detailed contract packaging quotation through their website or by directly calling their customer service department.

The ISO-certified factory premises meet the standards

The packaging of health supplements by our specialized packaging company is carried out in licensed food production facilities that comply with ISO 22000, HACCP, and GMP certifications. The entire production process, including raw materials, production procedures, quality control, and testing methods, adheres strictly to rigorous quality standards. This makes us the most reliable partner in the eyes of our customers.

OEM contract packaging

When it comes to packaging food or health supplements, it is crucial to prioritize hygiene and pay attention to portion sizes and proper storage methods. Considering the cost-saving aspect of reducing production costs and certain administrative expenses, business clients often seek contract packaging services when manufacturing health products and similar items. This approach allows them to save time and effort on certain processes, ultimately reducing costs.

One-stop packaging service

CLS Packaging Based on the requirements of our business clients, our produces products that meet their specifications and then applies the clients' branding to the products. With an abundant workforce, we possess the capability to provide contract manufacturing services for health supplement packaging and assembly that meet the needs of the international market. This allows our clients to focus on sales and expand their market presence. Our one-stop ODM and OEM health food packaging services excel in areas such as raw material sourcing, formula design, contract manufacturing, and fast shipping, ensuring the highest level of quality and efficiency.

Compliance with standards

We also operate a licensed food factory facility for health food packaging production, and we provide relevant documentation to demonstrate its excellent production capabilities.

What is the ISO 22000 standard based on?

ISO 22000 is a standard for food safety management systems. In the food supply chain, including manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, and retailers, a series of measures are taken together to ensure the safety of food, health supplements, and their packaging. Implementing an effective food supply chain management system not only enhances the reputation of the company but also strengthens its competitiveness. To demonstrate the ability to control food safety and ensure the safety of food during consumption, it is necessary for businesses to implement the ISO 22000 food safety management system. This management system structure includes the following elements: 1. Food safety management system - General requirements 2. Management commitment 3. Resource management 4. Planning and realization of safe products 5. Verification, validation, and improvement of the food safety management system If needed, the establishment, implementation, monitoring, and updating of prerequisite programs, operational prerequisite programs, hazard analysis, and critical control point plans should be carried out. Based on the above, it is evident that our company, specializing in packaging for food and health supplements, complies with the mentioned requirements, demonstrating the recognition and approval of our service quality.

The definition and advantages of health supplement OEM

Health supplement OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or contract manufacturing refers to the practice where companies outsource the production of their products to professional manufacturers. These health supplement contract manufacturers are responsible for producing specific health supplement brands according to the company's requirements. The advantages of health supplement OEM are:

Cost savings: Companies do not need to establish their own production facilities or purchase manufacturing equipment, effectively reducing initial investment costs.

Professional expertise: Health supplement OEM manufacturers typically possess advanced production technology and extensive experience, ensuring high-quality health supplement OEM products.

Production flexibility: The health supplement OEM model allows companies to respond more flexibly to market changes by adjusting production plans based on health supplement OEM demands, thereby reducing inventory risks.

Accelerated time to market: Through collaboration, the research and production cycle of products can be shortened, aiding in the faster introduction of new products to the market.

What is ODM?

ODM stands for Original Design Manufacturer, which means the manufacturer is commissioned by the client to produce goods while providing design and other related services. CLS Packaging adhere to this ODM model in areas such as food packaging, health supplement packaging, and design, helping clients save time and money.

Supplement Packaging

Health supplement packaging is an important part of the launch of health supplements. Good health supplement packaging not only attracts consumers' attention but also enhances brand image and product competitiveness in the market. When designing health supplement packaging, the following factors need to be considered: Eye Catching: Uniquely designed and visually appealing health supplement packaging can stand out among numerous competing brands, capturing the interest of potential consumers. Clear information: The information on the packaging should be clear and legible, including product ingredients, usage instructions, manufacturer information, etc., allowing consumers to quickly understand the product. Safety assurance: Health supplement packaging needs to ensure the safety of the product by avoiding the use of materials that may be harmful to the product. At the same time, the packaging should effectively protect the product. Brand consistency: Packaging design should be consistent with the brand image, creating brand recognition and enhancing brand loyalty.

More Information

Common Issues in OEM Health Supplement Manufacturing

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) in health supplement manufacturing refers to outsourcing the production of health supplements to specialized manufacturers, based on the client's brand. This involves the production of products, including health supplement formulations and packaging, under the client's brand.
CLS Packaging's health supplement OEM services offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including customized formulation development, personalized packaging design, and efficient production manufacturing.
Health supplement OEM manufacturing helps businesses save on production costs, improve production efficiency, and benefit from the technical support of professional manufacturers.
The packaging of health supplements plays a crucial role in the market. Well-designed packaging has the power to attract consumers, enhance brand image and ultimately increase sales.
CLS Packaging places a strong emphasis on creativity and professionalism, providing unique health supplement packaging designs that ensure products stand out in a competitive market and attract the target audience.

Want to learn more about our services?

Looking for packaging or logistics solutions? Feel free to send us an inquiry form! We strive to provide excellent customer service and will do our best to address any issues you may encounter in a timely manner.


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