ISO 14644-1:Class7 Certified


Food Packaging for Pollution Prevention

Many manufacturers of hygiene products and food products emphasize that their production and packaging processes are carried out in dust-free rooms. Indeed, the air pollution problem in Hong Kong is severe, and both indoor and outdoor areas are filled with fine particles. Would you dare to use hygiene products such as masks made in such an environment? Or would you dare to consume food products that are manufactured and packaged in such an environment? In this situation, the importance of dust-free rooms to manufacturers is evident. As a food packaging company, Special Packaging Limited has strict requirements for the environment in which packaging is carried out to ensure our customers' confidence in our services. Our certified dust-free workspace is a testament to this.
Standard Certification

Confidence Guarantee

Well-designed clean rooms are considered as places that strictly control the environment. This means that the pollutants such as dust particles, harmful air, and bacteria in a certain space are eliminated to achieve compliance with the standards of a clean workspace. It is even more important for a clean workspace to obtain standard certification to give customers confidence. The clean room of Pro-Packaging Limited has ISO14644-1 (Class 7) certification. Pro-Packaging Limited insists on providing customers with professional services, and therefore offers higher standard clean rooms for packaging products with guaranteed quality.
Strict Dustproof Process

Ensure No Mistakes

Production under dust-free conditions is a critical factor in determining product quality in many fields. Therefore, Pro-Packaging Limited combines the concept of a dust-free workshop with the site of a food manufacturing factory license, allowing us to achieve the highest quality standards. We ensure that the products produced in the dust-free room meet the standards and are available for consultation at any time. Due to the strict dust level standards (ISO Class 7) in the dust-free workshop, the incoming and outgoing goods need to be purified through a wind shower box to ensure that foreign pollutants are not easily brought into the production area. The production line operator needs to enter from another area, pass through the airlock room into the changing room, change into work clothes, wear a hair cover, wash hands and put on gloves before entering the dust-free room to work. With such strict dust prevention measures, the packaged food is also guaranteed to be clean and hygienic.

More Information

Frequently Asked Questions

This is not enough yet. According to statistics, the main source of fine dust pollution actually comes from human beings. After people move outside, dust will always stick to their clothes, and the keratin layer of their skin will also fall off. If they work in a clean room like this, 'clean' becomes 'dirty'! Therefore, we have strict hygiene requirements for employees working on the production line, including changing work clothes, wearing head covers, etc., to ensure that the workshop is spotless and meets the standards of a clean room.
A compliant cleanroom is a space that can control indoor environmental factors within specified values and maintain a low level of pollution. So, what are indoor environmental factors? These include microorganisms, suspended particles, and gas molecules in the air, as well as temperature, humidity, airflow distribution, and static electricity.

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