Professional food packaging

As a rising star in the Hong Kong food packaging industry, CLS Packaging is dedicated to providing excellent packaging solutions for clients. We possess extensive experience in Hong Kong food packaging and have a professional team committed to designing innovative, practical, and regulatory-compliant food packaging. Guided by values of professionalism, quality, and innovation, our company continuously strives for better packaging solutions to meet the diverse needs of our clients. CLS Packaging Limited provides food packaging services that comply with international safety standards. We have a licensed food factory certification, ensuring the safety of our food packaging, cosmetics, health products, and general merchandise. As a food packaging company in Hong Kong, we offer a range of value-added services, including food packaging services, date printing, labels, markings, assembly, and kit production.

Food Packaging

Food or health food packaging should not only focus on hygiene but also consider portion size and storage methods. Even if these health products are of high quality, poor packaging can adversely affect sales. Many companies are responsible for various details such as manufacturing and promotion when launching food or health products, but they may not be able to handle everything effectively. However, CLS Packaging is enlisted to handle the packaging of health food as a subcontractor, it can reduce the workload of the company and improve the overall sales plan for health food.


Understood your request

We first establish contact with the client to understand their requirements. Our team of experts takes the time to discuss the client's needs and preferences in order to provide them with the best possible service.


Signing of quotation and confirmation of SOP

Once the requirements have been discussed, we provide the client with a detailed quotation and confirm the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) that we will follow to ensure efficient packaging.


Transporting raw materials and packaging materials to CLS

Customers arrange for the delivery of raw materials and packaging materials to our facility.


Packaging according to SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

Our team of experts carries out the packaging process according to the confirmed SOP to ensure the highest quality standards are met.


We arrange logistics for the delivery of intact packaged products

After the packaging is completed, we store the finished products in our warehouse until we receive shipping instructions from the customer.

Would like to know about our services and equipment?

Customers can contact CLS Packaging for a detailed contract packaging quotation through their website or by directly calling their customer service department.

Automated Packaging Service

CLS Packaging Limited offers packaging services that include strapping, labeling, and bundle assembly. Retail products often require removal from their original packaging and repackaging into new sales packaging. This includes repackaging and kit assembly.

Quality Assurance

CLS Packaging Limited provides automated, fast, and accurate food packaging labeling services. This service is particularly useful for special promotions as labels can convey time-sensitive information. Alternatively, utilizing full-color labels to completely wrap your retail packaging can enhance its shelf appeal and grab attention effectively.

Professional Equipment

When packaging food products, accurate date codes, batch codes, production codes, and origin labels are typically required. CLS Packaging Limited offers hot foil stamping and high-resolution inkjet printing services to fulfill these needs.

Diversified services of food packaging

Through the shrinwrap packaging service provided by CLS Packaging Limited, your retail food products can be protected and displayed clearly.

One-stop packaging service

CLS Packaging Limited specializes in the field of secondary packaging for brand products. With the help of our modern packaging machinery, we are capable of handling large volumes of products.

One-stop OEM packaging service

In the modern food industry, packaging is not simply about putting food into boxes or bags. On the contrary, it is a complex process that requires expertise and technology to ensure the safety, freshness, and attractiveness of food throughout the entire supply chain. One-stop food packaging/OEM service providers, such as CLS Packaging, play a crucial role in this field. A one-stop food packaging/OEM service refers to a packaging company that offers comprehensive solutions for food packaging, encompassing everything from design to production to transportation, with all steps being handled by a single company. This type of one-stop service model simplifies the entire process, saving clients time and effort, while ensuring consistency and high quality in the packaging.

Hong Kong food packaging services

As an international business hub, Hong Kong holds abundant resources in the food packaging industry, making it a preferred destination for numerous Hong Kong food packaging brand companies. Hong Kong food packaging service companies typically possess an international perspective and extensive experience in international collaborations, enabling them to provide clients with high-quality packaging solutions.

CLS Packaging Food contract packaging

CLS Packaging is a renowned food packaging contract manufacturing company based in Hong Kong, with extensive experience and expertise in food packaging contract manufacturing. As a one-stop provider of food packaging contract manufacturing services, CLS Packaging places equal emphasis on the aesthetics and creativity of food packaging, as well as the quality, safety, and functionality of the packaging.

CLS Packaging Food packaging company

CLS Packaging, as a food packaging company, is committed to providing optimal packaging solutions for its clients. The company boasts a professional team that can quickly understand client needs and deliver innovative and efficient packaging services that meet industry standards. CLS Packaging strives to be a trusted partner for its clients, working collaboratively to achieve excellent results in food packaging.

Proof of Safety and Hygiene

When it comes to food packaging, the most important concern and attention of the public is undoubtedly the aspect of hygiene. After all, these products are consumed, unlike other goods where improper packaging may only damage the product itself. However, if the food packaging is inadequate, such as lacking proper sealing or vacuum packaging, it can lead to instant spoilage of the food. Additionally, if the production and packaging facilities have poor air quality, unsanitary conditions, or the packaging machinery neglects cleanliness, it can result in food contamination. The consequences of consuming contaminated food are easily imaginable. Only factories and manufacturers with a food packaging license can instill confidence in corporate clients and the general consumers.

Licensed food factory that meets standards

CLS Packaging Limited is a Licensed Food Factory facility. As a holder of a Licensed Food Factory, the hygiene and cleanliness of our packaging facilities are in accordance with the standards set by the Food and Environmental Hygiene Department. We can provide clients with comprehensive food packaging/OEM services.

Diversified packaging services to meet customer requirements

As a holder of a food packaging license, CLS Packaging Limited places a strong emphasis on food packaging hygiene. However, we also recognize the importance of other packaging matters. For instance, in terms of packaging types, we provide a wide range of professional product packaging and assembly services. Including complete packaging, disassembly and assembly, sorting and repackaging, relabeling, packaging of contents and outer boxes, shrink wrapping, vacuum packaging, labeling, and inserting instruction manuals, among others. Our goal is to become a leading food packaging company in Hong Kong.

More Information

Common questions about food packaging companies in Hong Kong

We place great emphasis on the hygiene of our food packaging premises, and therefore, we have engaged a team of food safety experts from Ecolab to handle and monitor the sanitation issues in our facilities. The pest control personnel from Ecolab have undergone rigorous training and utilize cutting-edge pest control techniques and advanced equipment to provide effective pest control services, ensuring that our premises remain free from any hygiene issues.
OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. The manufacturer provides the equipment and produces the products according to the customer's requirements, including design, formulation, etc. The finished products may also bear the customer's brand, hence this production model is also known as 'private label manufacturing.' CLS Packaging Limited, as a holder of a food packaging license, has been committed to providing OEM services.
Food packaging in Hong Kong is renowned for its internationalization and innovativeness. Hong Kong food packaging companies often embrace advanced technologies and design concepts to ensure that food packaging achieves the highest standards in both visual appeal and functionality. This emphasis on attention to detail and quality has positioned Hong Kong as a leading hub in the field of food packaging.
With the rapid development of the food packaging industry, an increasing number of brands are seeking professional food packaging OEM services. Hong Kong's OEM companies can provide efficient and flexible solutions to meet the evolving needs of customers while ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
CLS Packaging stands out with its extensive experience in food packaging OEM, As a food packaging OEM company, it is dedicated to providing customized packaging solutions that cater to specific customer needs, from design to production.

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