Food Packaging

Wide Range of Services

Wide range of services

Professional Food Packaging

CLS Packaging Limited provides food packaging services that comply with international safety standard. We has been accredited with licensed Food Factory, providing safety assurance for our food packaging to food, cosmetics & health care products and general merchandise. As a Food packaging company at Hong Kong with our sophisticated facilities and licensed Food Factory, we offer a wide variety of value-added services like food packaging services, date code printing, labeling, tagging, assembling, kitting, bunding.

Packaging Service

How it works?

When it comes to packaging for food or health products, hygiene is certainly important, and attention should also be paid to the quantity and storage methods. However, even if the quality of these health products is extremely high, if the packaging is poor, sales will naturally not be ideal. When many companies launch food or health products, they are responsible for manufacturing, promotion, and other details, but they may not be able to take care of everything. However, if a specialized packaging company is hired to assist with health product packaging, it can reduce the company's workload and make the entire health product sales plan better.


Understanding Your Requirements

We start by getting in touch with the customer to understand their requirements. Our team of experts will take the time to discuss the needs and preferences of the customer, so that we can provide them with the best possible service.


Sign the quotation and confirm the SOP

Once the requirements have been discussed, we provide the customer with a detailed quote and confirm the standard operating procedures (SOP) that we will follow to ensure that the packaging is done in the most efficient way possible.


Delivery of raw materials to CLSP

The customer then arranges for the raw materials and packaging materials to be sent to our facility.


Pack according to the SOP

Our team of experts follows the confirmed SOP to ensure that the packaging is done in a way that meets the highest standards of quality.


Logistics Arrangement to Deliver The well-packed products

Once the packaging is completed, we store the finished products in our warehouse until we receive instructions from the customer for shipping.

Wish to know more about our services and equipments?

Feel free to send us a message through the online inquiry form or contact us via phone and email.

Automated Packaging Service

CLS Packaging Limited carry out manual and automated order picking and packing tasks on your behalf. These include banding, labelling and set assembly. Very often, products for retail need to be removed from their original packaging and re-packed into new sales packaging. These include trays and assortment boxes.

Quality Assurance

CLS Packaging Limited offers automated, fast, and accurate labeling services for your food packaging. Great for special promotions, labels can convey your time-sensitive message. Or use a full-color label to completely wrap your retail package for bold shelf appeal.

Professional Equipment

Packaged food often requires accurate best-by date codes, batch codes, p roduction codes, and origin identification. CLS Packaging Limited provides thermal transfer, high resolution ink jet, and embossing coding and printing services.

Diversified Services

Protect and clearly display your retail food products with shrink wrapping services from CLS Packaging Limited. We will wrap your single items, loose food items in trays.
One-stop packaging service

Custom Made For You

CLS Packaging Limited in the processing of branded products in the secondary packaging sector. With our modern packaging machines, we take care of all packaging and product finishing processes in the co-packing business. CLS Packaging Limited also supplies solutions for labour-intensive handling services and concepts for logistics services.

Want to learn more about our services?

Looking for packaging or logistics solutions? Feel free to send us an inquiry form! We strive to provide excellent customer service and will do our best to address any issues you may encounter in a timely manner.


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