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Food packaging equipment and scale

CLS Packaging is composed of a team with many years of experience in food packaging services. We insist on providing customers with professional production services and packaging services, and provide customers with food packaging services and OEM packaging that meet international hygienic standards. Our food packaging company has also obtained a licensed food factory license. In terms of food packaging, we are able to provide customers with different needs regardless of general, health food, and nursing products, as well as general merchandise packaging services.

In addition, CLS Packaging is also equipped with advanced packaging production machines, and follows the standard production process to achieve a high-efficiency operation mode.

Our Services

Food packaging equipment and scale. A model of professionalism
OEM Packaging
Food Packaging
Health Supplement Packaging
Licensed Food Factory
ISO 22000:2018 Food Safety Management System
ISO 14644-1:Class7 Cleanroom

Advanced Equipments

Safe & Reliable

As a major Hong Kong food packaging company, CLS Packaging is mainly engaged in food packaging. Of course, it must be clean and hygienic during the food packaging process, and the quantity and quality of the food must be properly controlled to ensure our Food packaging services not only satisfy consumers, but also give food companies confidence in us. Therefore, our food packaging production machines are of standard and advanced types, including automatic pellet counting machines, automatic electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machines, and round bottle labeling machines, which can be perfected in OEM packaging.


Automatic Counting Machine

Our automatic counting machine is a turntable high-speed capsule automatic counting machine, which uses computer detection and electronic fast counting adjustments, and the counting capacity is extremely large. Among them, the automatic bottle divider can automatically enter, divide, position and fill bottles into bottles, and the production process is uninterrupted. There is also an independent dust-proof electric eye design to ensure that the accuracy of counting products will not be affected by tablet products that generate liquid dust. The high-efficiency and high-speed automatic capsule counting machine adopts a double-machine double-hopper mode. Depending on the production line requirements, single-machine or double-machine operation can be selected, which can reduce the time for repeated refilling of on-site personnel, greatly reduce human resources, and ensure food packaging. The production efficiency meets the requirements of the Hong Kong food packaging market.


Automatic Electromagnetic Induction Aluminum Foil Sealer

As for our automatic electromagnetic induction aluminum foil sealing machine, it is a non-contact process during operation. It uses the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the equipment is powered on, it will generate a high-speed alternating electromagnetic field and form an induced eddy current on the aluminum foil. , causing friction between the aluminum foil molecules, resulting in an instant temperature change (heating), so that the hot melt adhesive coated on the surface of the aluminum foil is fused to the bottle mouth, and at the same time, the weak adhesive layer between the aluminum foil and the cardboard drops rapidly and penetrates into the cardboard fiber. Separate the aluminum foil from the cardboard. Such food packaging is suitable for aluminum foil sealing of plastic bottles, glass bottles, ceramics and other non-metallic containers, and then through electromagnetic induction heating (non-contact), the aluminum foil is sealed on the bottle mouth to achieve a sealing effect. After being sealed with an aluminum film, it has the functions of moisture-proof, anti-theft, anti-counterfeiting, and anti-oxidation to ensure the quality of food.


Round bottle labeling machine

Of course, there is no shortage of product specification labels such as materials on food packaging in Hong Kong, and our round bottle labeling machines are helping to clearly label the relevant content. The round bottle labeling machine can stick round and oval bottles of upright size, synchronous conveying, detection, positioning and labeling are all microcomputer controlled, this round bottle labeling machine can stick full circle, 1/2 circle and single stickers on the front and back, Moreover, there are a wide variety of materials that can be attached: plastic containers, glass bottles, and metal cans, etc., which are suitable for labeling requirements of various product specifications. The sensory light of the electric eye can reliably detect the labeling objects. The transparent label can be equipped with a transparent label sensor, which can sense transparent, translucent and opaque stickers at the same time, which is very diverse.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The maximum counting capacity of our automatic grain counting machine is 160,000 grains per hour, whether it is a general quantity or a large quantity of food packaging, this automatic grain counting machine can handle it!
Our food packaging OEM packaging factory is a dust-free workshop, which can isolate harmful air and bacteria, etc. This workshop has also been certified by ISO14644-1 (Class 7), which can guarantee the hygienic condition.
If you want to know more about our company's food packaging services and OEM packaging services in Hong Kong, and if you want to choose our services, please call or visit our company in person. The details are as follows:
Special Packaging Co., Ltd. ( CLS Packaging Limited)

Address: Unit 912, Vanta Industrial Centre, 21-33 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, N.T., Hong Kong)

Tel: 2672 2229

We respect our customers and welcome you to visit us during business hours. In addition, our website also has whatsapp contact, welcome to use.

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