ISO22000 Certification

Food Safety Management System

ISO22000 Certified

Ensure Food Safety

Regardless of the industry, companies will always emphasize their outstanding performance in a certain field in their promotion. However, if they lack certain qualifications such as international certification, no matter how they promote themselves, it may give people a sense of exaggeration, especially for services and products related to personal health, where safety is of utmost importance. As a company specializing in packaging for food and health products, the overall operation process is strictly regulated. In order to prove that their food packaging services fully comply with standards, they have undergone testing to obtain the ISO22000 international recognized food safety management system standard, giving customers confidence.
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CLS Packaging Limited's health food packaging is produced in a factory that complies with ISO22000 and HACCP certification. What is the ISO22000 standard? This standard includes the following elements: communication, system management, prerequisite programs, all to ensure food safety from raw materials to final food products in the food chain. ISO22000 certification demonstrates the ability to comply with legal and food safety management requirements, and can effectively assess and meet customer requirements. ISO22000 improves customer satisfaction and, through better management and control, effectively utilizes internal and food supply chain resources, benefiting our operators, customers, and the wider consumer base.
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ISO22000 certification in Hong Kong and around the world is a commitment to food safety, ensuring that products meet relevant quality standards. Today, food safety management is increasingly important globally, and major food industries are strict about their own products to be able to enter international trade markets and effectively tap into the potential of existing markets. In addition to compliance with local regulations, obtaining relevant food certifications is also a current goal for each enterprise. ISO22000 certification can enhance product value and competitiveness, and has a clear and visible quality mark, making products stand out in competition, and showing existing and potential customers that the product has undergone strict auditing and testing processes, and can be used with absolute confidence.

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Frequently Asked Questions

As an international standard for the management of food safety systems, ISO 22000 covers a wide range of areas in the food chain. In summary, every detail of food production from 'farm to table' is subject to inspection. As a company specializing in food packaging, Packaging Co., Ltd. is naturally within this scope. Obtaining the ISO 22000 certificate demonstrates that its operation meets the standards.
Food safety is extremely important because it not only affects consumers, but also directly or indirectly impacts multiple areas of the food industry, including food production, transportation, and sales organizations, as well as the reputations of other related businesses and organizations, and even the credibility of food regulatory agencies and governments. Therefore, the promotion of ISO 22000 certification standards is important.

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